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Used by the worlds top athlete’s...

Look at the worlds top athlete’s in their sport and you will find that the majority use metabolic analysis as a training tool. Guide your training by finding out your bodies own limitations with clinical grade accuracy. Metabolic testing is the best way to discover you weaknesses and target your bodies true potential. 

Take yourself to the next level...

Previously this form of metabolic testing was only the preserve of Universities and hospitals. We are proud today to offer PNOĒ breath analysis bringing you the most advanced biometric screening system and monitoring software to the general sporting community. You can now target your training and progress faster.

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At M3TABOLIC we use the state of the art Pnoe Breath Analysis device for testing your metabolic health. This is the most accurate way of establishing how your training can be improved for maximum efficiency.

Why guess at your numbers? We can establish your most efficient training zones in terms of heart rate, power and speed for multiple disciplines. Perfect for Cyclists, Runners, TriAthlete’s, Cross Fit , Spartan athletes, Endurance athetes and any other sport.

Metabolic testing is also often used by large national companies to help with health , fitness and well being of their employee’s. It’s perfect for anyone who is on a weightloss journey as we can establish your true calorific needs to the calorie. Testing can help with lifestyle and diet choices.

Gold Standard

Clinical Accuracy

The Pnoe System has been independently validated to bring you the same accuracy as clinical grade analysers used in medical facilities and Universities. Measuring Heart , Lung and Metabolic Fitness is is the most accurate way to train and progress.

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Science Backed

Testing & Reports

Testing  you with incredible accuracy we offer a full summary of the test and a highly detailed report including heart rate zoning, FAT-MAX, VT1 , VT2 , VO2 Peak, Calories/hour per pace…Get the picture !Why not view an actual test report and see the detail. 

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Designed for you


As a bolt on we can offer you an online consultation with a registered noe dietician who will craft a bespoke diet plan based on yout test results. All packaged in an amazing AI based app that can link to your wearable and adapt your nutritional requirements.

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Basic Tests


Resting Metabolic Test provides information on the fuel sources your body uses during daily activity. It  gives information on your metabolic health and your daily calorie needs. All with clinical grade accuracy. It is the baseline test from which all other testing starts. This test is also popular for weightoss journeys. 



Active Metabolic Test can be completed for a number of disciplines. Generally this is a cycle or run test in our controlled clinical environment. The AMR Test establishes highly accurate heart rate zoning, Anerobic Threshold, Ventialtory Threshold, VO2 Max , Fat Max plus a host of other metrics.



A twin package of both a Resting Test and one Active Test either cycling or running. This package offers great value if you are a runner or a cyclist and you are looking for highly accurate zoning and help overcoming your limiters. The insights this test gives will be invaluable in your future training.


Testing Packages


The complete package in a single testing session. We start with an RMR test followed by two AMR tests one cycling and one on the treadmill. This package will give you a highly accurate overview of your metabolic health, respiratory health and accurate zoning and other metrics for each modality. The essential package for progressing your Triathlon Training to the next level.


The Silver Standard

Now we are getting serious! Monitor your metabolic changes and see your improvements with two full sets of tests each year same as the Triathlete package. This is the best way to find and  overcome your training limitations before retesting 6 months later and establishing where your new limitations are. Accurate and targetted for the fastest gains in multi-discipline sport. 


The Gold Standard

Previously the preserve of the professional we can now offer a yearly testing package. Triathlete test package x 4 times per year.
Initial test
8 Week Test  
26 Week Test
52 Week Test
If you want to make the most of your metabolism this is the gold standard with a great saving.



For all our Active Metabolic Testing we include a free Spirometry test prior to testing when you arrive. Using the information gained we can establish your Tidal Volume , FEV1 and FEV6. Sounds complicated ? It’s the total volume of air you can breath in and out and the amount you can expel in one second. These metrics can assist in establishing if you have any respiratory limitations we can target in your performance.
From your test results and spirometry results a full analysis of your breathing and cognition can be established. Training the lungs is just as important as any other muscle and it is one that is often overlooked. You can improve your performance by training your respiratory system as well as the rest of your body. Want that extra edge when it counts? 

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Bespoke Nutrition Plan

We can offer as a bolt on to any  metabolic teasting an online consultation with a registered dietician. You will receive a nutrition plan based on your dietary preferences, restrictions, caloric and macronutrient needs based on the results of your metabolic tests. great for the performing athlete who wants to get their food intake perfect. All packaged into a diet plan specifically for your needs in a beautiful easy to use APP to track your daily intake.

Bespoke Diet Plan for weightloss?
No Problem!

As part of this package you can book your RMR Test and also get an online appointment with one of our expert dieticians. They will build you and App based diet plan using your RMR test results. No Guesswork here ! Just Science!
 During your appoinment they will discuss your weightloss goals and food preferences. Afterwards you will have access to the Pnoe Healthub App from where you will see a daily meal plan beautifully presented with lots of options for each meal of the day, Pre and Post workout meals and recipes for everything. All of this is based on your unique calorie intake keeping you in a calory defecit that will not mess with your metabolism. Science ! Not guesswork. 

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Supercharge your wearable

With the Pnoe Healthub App you can link your wearable and supercharge your metrics.. Monitor your daily preformance in a number of valuable areas. Let the Science do the talking!

Fully Customized

Access to the Pnoe Healthub App comes as standard with any of our metabolic tests. In the APP you can view your test results and track your fitness, plan your training goals, view your  diet plan and monitor your nutrition, recovery, sleep and more.

Responsive Training

With a regular testing program you will see your limitations. Train to overcome those particular limitations. Re-Test and find your new limitations to restart the process. Science based training is the difference! It’s why professional athletes use metabolic analysis as a training tool.

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